The Importance of Springs in Your Garage Doors

Springs play an integral role in the operation of any garage door. They help balance the weight, making it easy for anyone - even kids - to lift heavy doors without breaking a sweat.Over time though, these workhorse components wear out and break due to constant tension and load-bearing responsibilities. When this happens, you need professional help right away as DIY fixes could lead to more harm than good because of high pressure involved.

The Broken Spring Repair Process

We begin by identifying if indeed it’s the springs causing trouble – sometimes other parts may also show similar symptoms like unbalanced doors or sudden closing.If it turns out that one or both springs are broken, our expert team replaces them swiftly using quality replacement parts which meet industry standards for durability and performance. Remember: replacing only one spring when both are worn-out often leads towards another repair job sooner rather than later.

Safety First: Leave It To Professionals

You might be tempted to handle a broken spring repair on your own. Despite the abundance of self-help tutorials available, it is still best to leave a broken spring repair to those with experience. But here's the catch: garage door springs can pose serious safety risks if mishandled.They operate under high tension and if released abruptly, could lead to injury or even property damage. That’s why it’s always better – safer – to let professionals like us at Stephen Garage Door Service take care of such repairs.